Your order will be processed within 1 business day, however, depending on the size of your shipment it may take up to 1-7 business days to properly inspect, pack, label and ship out your order.
We carefully review our supplier’s selling history along with the necessary background checks. Generally, we try to establish a chain of trust with our suppliers to produce the most effective business relationships. This is all in addition to ordering samples, and inspecting our merchandise to assure your peace of mind when ordering.
We do not store payment information, such as credit cards, or account numbers. When you are entering your payment information online we utilize an advanced SSL service that ensures the protection of your information. This SSL service is also in use whenever you access your account information.
Currently we do not ship outside of the U.S. territories. We will not accept additional shipping fees for custom order.
Please check your order confirmation email for the tracking information. If there is a problem with the tracking, please contact us at customerservice@buyboxwholesale.com with the order number and your order specifications we will do our best to respond immediately.